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UTC Sentul Immigration Office


This post was stuck in my draft for quite some time now. I meant to post it a week ago but *insert lame excuse* I have no time in my hands at all. 


Anyhoos, SCHOOL'S OUT a.k.a. school children are off enjoying their holidays until 2013 comes to an end. Urgh, pfft. *roll eyes*

You know what that means..
1) Shopping malls will not be an ideal spot for leisure & relaxation (no elaboration needed)
2) **No jam
3) I turn my head to the East, I see a screaming kid on my side, I turn my head to the West, a crying kid this time, so I turn my head to the North hoping that no kid will surprise me this round, that hope is dead and gone, their shrieks can't be muted at all. (inspired by T.I. & Justin Timberlake's Dead and Gone lyrics lol. Listen and rap it out)
4) Airplanes will be packed with annoying children

**Who am I kidding? At least, it was believed that there will not be any jam during the school holidays. It doesn't seem to make any difference now. School holidays or no holidays, there will always be jam.

 Holiday --> Airplane rides --> Air tickets --> Passport 

As a working adult, my annual leaves are precious. Precious, precious gems. Therefore, taking a 'half-day leave' for passport renewal was simply unacceptable. We found one immigration office in Sentul that operates ERRDAY(Gen Y language) from 8.30 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. and that was exactly what we needed. 

So last Saturday (by last Saturday I meant 2 weeks ago kind of Saturday), we dropped baby J off to my in-laws at 11.30 a.m. and made our way to Sentul. 
Without Miss Waze, I honestly believe that we will never be able to find the immigration office.

At last, we arrived! Took us quite some time to locate a parking spot as the area was major packed with cars. 

Came across this mamak when we were going in circles for parking.
At one glance, I thought it was rather funny. hurhur. 

Btw, the immigration office is located on the first floor, which is the same floor as the food court.


I've read blogs about UTC Sentul and it seems like everyone's experience at the immigration office are of flowers and rainbows. Seriously. Jealous ttm.
HONESTLY? No offence but, I thought the air smelled rather different in Sentul. *the immigration office is located above the morning market*
Still, that area felt somewhat dodgy and I was longing for a good cup of Starbucks or Maccas just to feel more urbanized. That's probably never going to happen. 

We went in to collect a ticket for passport renewal and….our ticket was #1324. We looked up to the screen and not so much to our astonishment, the running number was #1122.
That's more than 200 people in line before our turn!!!
Well, it's the weekend. What do you expect? Yeah, I thought it was going to be packed. We arrived at 12pm after all. However, I didn't expect so many KIDS to be there. *sings my #3) statement from above*

A gentle advice to parents with children: Please la please, tame your kids. Don't just sit there and let them carry on with all sorts of nonsense. 

FREAKING DIRTY LA THE CHILDREN I BEH TAHAN. CHINESE KIDS & MALAY KIDS. CRAWLING ON THE DIRTY FLOOR WTF. Spare the rod and spoil the child.. this is what you get.  Shame on you guys. If you can't control your children in public, HOW ARE YOUR KIDS GOING TO TRAVEL OVERSEAS WITH YOU?!?!? *SLAP SLAP SLAP*


Fuhhh! Where was I? 
Yeah, our ticket number. We decided to eat at the food court because anywhere in UTC Sentul's 1 kilometre radius consists of construction sites, kampung or dodgy eateries. SIGH. My precious Saturday. I'm beginning to reconsider my decision for half-day leave. 

The food court is divided into 2 sections. Halal and Non-Halal. Initially, we walked over to the Halal side of the food court to go-see what the stalls have to offer. I couldn't find anything I like and would've easily settled for a plate of maggi goreng but nop, N/A. There were mee soto and nasi ayam though. 

In the end, I ordered this from the Chinese side of the food court. 

It's not half bad. I thought it would taste worse HAHA. To think that everything in Sentul tastes bad, that was my mistake. lol. 

No. Just, no. 
This tasted bad. 

 Mr Tempe is located right beside the Immigration Office. 

Has anyone tasted this? LOLOL I thought this tempe shizz was keropok lekor!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since they were selling a cup of tempe for RM1, I bought 2 cups *gluttony.

Obviously, it wasn't keropok lekor. It looked like thick cut fries and I smothered it with chilli sauce.
It tasted pretty bad. Later on, we found out that Tempe is actually beans. Okay, at least we're  pretty adventurous to try it out haha.

By the way, we waited for more than 5 hours at Sentul Immigration Office. It was a nightmare, one that we couldn't get out of. We left at about 5-6pm cause we had other arrangements so we didn't manage to collect Collin's passport on that day itself.

He went back to Sentul the next morning (8.30am) and told me that the queue was ridiculously long to the point where the line reached the food court outside. It was crazy. In the end, he walked up to the counter and told the P.I.C that he wanted to collect his passport. Instead of queuing up, he managed to collect his documents within half an hour. PHEW.

In case you didn't bring any passport photos, services are provided for a round figure of RM10 at the ground floor.

I hope your experience in Sentul will not be as dreadful as mine was.

UTC Sentul Immigration Office
Level 1, Pusat Transformasi Bandar
Jalan 2/48A, Sentul Perdana
Bandar Baru Sentul
51000 Kuala Lumpur

JxHappy Holidays,

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